Jules (redsbird) wrote in gethitched,

...and all I got was...

Here are the shirts we made ("we" being my other half)
The idea came about as we were thinking of the follwong facts:
We have no economic power, just enough to pay our bills and buy some stuff once in a while.
We own no property, the most valuable thing being my car, which is technically owned by the bank, since I'm still paying it off.
We have no political sway, even locally. We're fairly anonymous.
Yet some right-wing folks seem to think we're positioned to take over the world. So we were thinking, 'man, if we have all this power, we want some compensation! If our relationship is soooo threatening, maybe we should try to get something out of it!"
Obviously that's not gonna happen, so we have these shirts...that's all we've got to show for all of out "threats."

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