Jules (redsbird) wrote in gethitched,

this time on OC5

The trio watch a couple episodes of a new fun show, 'The Middleman'.
It's freakin' hilarious! It has terrific pop culture references, a likeable cast, interesting characters,and a great deal of silliness which is always appreciated.
It's been a while since a currently broadcassted show has been watched by OC5 (though it is being watched later, via videotape).
It's summertime and Erik is working less and hanging out at the lake and other places outside more often. Jules and Ro still work the usual hours, but spend time in the garden and building a deck. Exciting to them, but not exactly a riveting storyline.
The trio is still alive and kickin', even if new episodes are few and far between.

That's a wrap!
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