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corner gas

There will be more festivities surrounding a new round of tv viewing. I just got the 3rd season of 'Corner Gas' on dvd.

A bit of an Orange Cat 5 update from my LJ early last month:
May 6th-- The comic convention was pretty fun. There were more folks dressed up this year than other times I've been there. Mostly Star Wars and I think it was probably mostly people from the 501st Legion (mostly stormtroopers, but some others). I saw Dave Prowse--Darth Vader's body for the first 3 SW movies, for the geeks who don't know that :-) I didn't talk to him, but nodded hello. Saw Richard Hatch (original Apollo, though I was never really a fan), and Big Face Guy (Robert D'Zar, whom I mostly know from the MST movie 'Soultaker') and Noel N (something) from the 50's Superman (Lois Lane). She was cute in her Superman t-shirt with a yellow blazer.
I got R a Mothra that makes noise (and is bigger than the Godzilla that we have) and a Hogwarts patch for one of us to use. I'll be on the lookout for another one. I got Erik an ID card thingie for the Blue Sun (Firefly) and I was able to trade a set of Lexx cards (plus some extras) for a set of Voyager cards (the series set) and $10--which is what I paid for the whole box of the Lexx cards, so that's pretty cool!
I saw an Amelia Rules t-shirt, but it was HUGE. I also found the 'AR' that Terry Moore did the cover for, but didn't get it. Maybe some other time.
I still haven't found the TATTOO issue (TPB?) of Strangers in Paradise.
All in all, Erik and I had a good time! He got some X-Men comics.
Saw a couple dressed as Battlestar Galactica, umm something. Pilots, maybe. Don't watch, so I dunno, but I've seen Starbuck dressed this way. Erik made a comment, either about them or some other geek couple we saw, "you know they met at one of these things." Heh.
not a lot goin' on, but OC5 still lives!
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