Jules (redsbird) wrote in gethitched,

Orange Cat 5 returns!

There will be new postings of Orange Cat 5 and hopefully I can get a few more people over here to look. Or maybe I'll just write it for myself to laugh at later.

Things to remember:

Erik: You're driving through the drive through the wrong way
Jules: Well, I don't think Sheridan's is doing a lot of business right now
(Sheridan's is a frozen custard place and the temp at the time was about 15)


Orange Cat 5, take 2.

Walking into CiCi's pizza and seeing Jabba the Hutt and his 'little brother' and speaking Huttenese. A the bagel shop Erik tells us that everyone has been assigned (or picked) Star Wars characters...he's C-3PO and not terribly amused :-)
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