Jules (redsbird) wrote in gethitched,


We're coming up on a holiday weekend. Well, the holiday isn't during the weekend, but since 4th of July falls on a Tuesday and many people are likely to take Monday off (Jules and Ro don't HAVE to work, but will be a little bit). Erik has to work both days, probably, but Tuesday will just be in the morning.
It's the time for cookin' out and BBQ ribs! Ro makes fabulous ribs (not smoked or on the grill, but oven cooked, with a terrific rub and sauce). This weekend OC5 will make up a menu and do some shopping. MMmmmmm-MMMMM!

Fade in on watching the threesome watching tv, flipping around, as usual and commenting here and there.
Shot of tv showing some version of the Power Rangers, one character leaping grandly through the air.
Erik and Jules, in synch: Weeeeee!
Ro: Wow, that was perfectly together.
Erik: That's what we do.

More later, probably with the complete menu.
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